Miyajima MC Step-up Transformer KSW

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The Miyajima MC Step-up Transformer KSW was made for Miyajima’s stereo cartridges: the Takumi, Shilabe, Kansui and Madake. Naturally, it would also be an excellent match to any stereo cartridge with similar impedance. For higher impedances, please check Miyajima’s step-up ETR-800P. The transformers use a core made of the highest grade material, permalloy 80. The unit also has a completely independent demagnetizer that works like a charm.



Input: 16ohm
Output Impedance : 47k ohm
Voltage up ratio: 28.5dB. About 27 times
Frequency range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz
Demagnetizer: Demagnetizer for both a cartridge and a transformer
Dimension: W150 H85 D180