Miyajima Kansui Stereo Cartridge

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The Miyajima Kansui is a Stereophile Class A recommended component. It has a slightly different suspension with a higher compliance than the Shilabe. The Miyajima Kansui can be a better tracker than the Shilabe when used with lighter tonearms. It is also a slightly faster cartridge. Choice between the two might depend on the overall system used. Call us to inquire.

All Miyajima’s cartridges appear as Best Components on Stereophile magazine, a rather unique accomplishment in the industry.



Body type : African blackwood
Frequency response : 20Hz to 32kHz
Output level : 0.23mV
Impedance : 16 ohms
Tracking force : 2.0 – 2.5g 2.25g recommended
Stylus type : Shibata
Compliance 100Hz : 7×10-6cm/dyne
Weight : 10.4g


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