Miyajima Lab Model 2010 OTL Amplifier

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Miyajima Lab Model 2010 OTL Amplifier

Stereophile Class A recommended component.

8 x 6080WC
Direct adjustable bias

Frequency range:
10Hz – 100,000Hz (-1dB, 1W, non-NFB)
10Hz – 250,000Hz (-3dB, 1W, non-NFB)

In mode non-NFB: Stereo 16ohm(12W+12W), 8ohm(7W+7W), Mono 8ohm(16W) Mono 4ohm(13W)
In mode NFB: Stereo 16ohm(15W+15W), 8ohm(9W+9W), Mono 8ohm(22W), Mono 4ohm(18W)

Size: W450 x H220 x D340 mm
Weight:about 18.5kg


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