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Mapleshade Brass Tube Halo Standard Grounded

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Mapleshade Brass Tube Halo Grounded

The Standard Tube Halo is adjustable to fit any size tube up to 1.5” in diameter.  Thus, it fits the EL-34, KT-77, 6L6, 5881, 6CA7 (slim), 6V6, 7591, 5AR4, 5U4, GZ34, and 6SN7. To mount a Halo, make sure there is at least a 1” radius clear around the top of the tube—or a 2” center-to-center distance between adjacent tubes.

  Design Concept of Mapleshade Tube Crowns & Halos

As almost every tube gear lover knows, tubes are very sensitive to vibration. But, unknown to most, the vibes that muddy tube sound the most are generated inside the tube itself. No soft-mounted, lightweight tube damper kills these vibrations as effectively as just placing our massive Tube Halos on top of your larger tubes (or Tube Crowns for smaller tubes). The resulting sonic improvements—in warmth, detail, bass extension and treble air—will outdo expensive tube swaps. In other words, we guarantee that a $45 Halo on your 5AR4 rectifier will do more than installing a $250 Mullard; $180 spent on four Halos for your EL-34 outputs will sound better than swapping in an $800 quartet of Telefunkens.

The Tube Halos for large octal tubes follow the same design principles as the highly successful Tube Crowns for small tubes that we introduced a year ago:

• Three point contact to cleanly drain vibration out of the tube body into the Halo’s massive brass ring, made of the same optimal-sounding brass alloy as our Mapleshade brass footers.

• Grounding, via high purity copper ribbons, that doubles the sonic improvement by turning the Halo into a ground plane that shields against stray EMI and beneficially reshapes the electromagnetic field surrounding the tube’s plate-grid-filament structure.

The Tube Halo’s shape was optimized, via extensive listening tests, for best sound with EL-34/5AR4 sized octal tubes. Thus, the Halo’s mass, wall thickness and height (all independently optimized) look quite different than the Tube Crown shape, which was developed for 12AX7/6DJ8/EL-84 sized tubes.