We have a long experience with all aspects of sound reproduction that includes loudspeakers modeling, digital sources (CD and computer audio), and room acoustic treatment. We also provide system tuning and upgrading based on a number of extraordinary techniques developed over the years.

Vibration Control and Racks: We provide bespoke rack solutions in wood selected by ear, as well as a whole range of vibration control solutions for the entire system, from cartridge to speaker’s diaphragm, from a CD player’s laser-head to vacuum tubes.

Room Acoustics: We are specialized in room treatment. We use a combination of techniques that include system and listener placement, wood diffractors, and Franck Tchang’s resonators. Compared to the traditional and bad-sounding damping solutions like bass-traps, our approach has the extra advantage of being visually discreet, when not simply invisible.

Cables, Ribbons, and Connectors: We have experimented with a vast number of highly praised (and often extremely overpriced) cables, which has allowed us to arrive at our own conclusions. In spite of their awkwardness and fragility, we have decided to use thin copper ribbons for most of our cabling. Also, in light of the notion that the best connectors are no-connectors we have developed a simple but effective way of connecting ribbons that yields a transparency not possible with any conventional RCA, Balanced or Speakers plugs. We provide customized solutions for every cabling situation, from a simple interconnect, to SPDIF, to a complete system re-wiring.

AC line: We can treat your AC line from the breaker box to the system’s AC outlet and beyond. We work with very simple AC parallel filtering. Call us for more information on AC treatment, as well as dedicated Ground installation.

Power Supplies: We have perfected the use of batteries as power supplies for sources such as low-power phono stages, DACs, CD transports, and digital streamers. We use state-of-the-art regulation, tuned by ear. Properly implemented battery supplies offer a dramatic improvement over conventional linear supplies; they are mainly intended as a superior alternative to AC supplies up to 18VDC.

Capacitors and Resistors: Capacitors must be as transparent as possible, and are critical in places such as speaker’s filters, but also in by-pass and coupling positions. We also select resistors by ear. Like capacitors, resistors behave differently in different applications. Call us to discuss these and other possible modifications on your gear.